Aluminium spare upper platter for Thorens TD 124.

Material  :  Aluminium hard alloy precision machined
Finishing  :  Outer surfaces fine grinded
Weight  :  0.46 kg
Origin  :  100% Swiss Made
Ready for replacement of the original upper platter, using a screwdriver only (recycle the single adaptor wheel from your old upper platter)
Our precision upper platter is built in fourteen distinctive operations instead of two ones for the original platter. This gives a far better flatness, less wow and results in the best sound image stability possible. After many tests with different alloys, our choice is an extra hard aluminium alloy which avoids phase shift and reproduces therefore an extremely three-dimensional soundstage even with monaural recordings.The sound is much more dynamic with lower distortion
      -   Soundstage +++
      -   Sound image stability +
      -   Dynamic range ++
      -   Bandwidth +
      -   Rumble and groove noise   -
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