B.A.C.H. 12 = Bass Adjustable Coaxial Horn with 12” driver

The basic idea was the design of a high-efficiency loudspeaker combining several contradictory requirements allowing reproduction of living music as vector of intense emotions:
  -   Relaxed listening of all music styles, from very low to very high levels
  -   The use of amplifiers covering all power classes, explosive dynamics even with single-ended tube amplifiers with power as low as 4 W per channel
  -   Reproduction of infinite details, without projection, due to the placement of the driver diaphragms in a unique coaxial and coplanar configuration. This feature brings better spatial reproduction fidelity, too. In classic coaxial designs, the high-frequency driver diaphragm is situated far behind the low-frequency driver, resulting in huge high-frequency delay. Some loudspeaker-manufacturers introduced complex time-delay networks for the low-frequency driver to compensate this inconvenient.
  -   Enhanced listening zone (horizontally and vertically) due to the housings diamond-shaped section, facilitating the angular placement. The controlled directivity results in a smooth polar diagram in both planes.
  -   Extreme dynamics thanks to the very high efficiency combined with high power rating. That’s the only way to avoid the audible thermal compression of classic loudspeakers.
  -   Easy placement, adjacent to a wall or even near a corner. The 2 p environment is integral part of the loudspeaker design. The fine-tunable bassreflex opening and the discrete adjustable mid- and high range allow optimized integration in rooms of different size, adsorbtion rates and listening distances.
  -   Less excitement of room resonance and echoes due to controlled directivity and high efficiency. This can be explained by the (to easily forgotten) physical law of energy continuum.
  -   Long term reliability and value conservation due to oversized long-life components. All parts have been selected by numerical simulation, measuring and during hundreds of listening hours using objective and subjective quality criteria.


Technical specification
Continous noise AES standard 300 W
Program power (6dB crest factor) 500 W
Peak power <1oms 1000 W
Rated impedance 8 Ohm
Sensitivity (Thiele half space reference efficiency) 97 dB (1W/1m)
Maximum acoustic output (1 loudspeaker) 117 dB
Maximum acoustic output (pair of loudspeakers) 123 dB
Frequency range in-axis 46 – 16'000 Hz(+/- 3dB)
Recommended amplifier rating (tube amps) 4 - 30 Watt at 8 Ohm
Recommended amplifier rating (solid state amps) 20 - 80 Watt at 8 Ohm
Maximum reasonable amplifier power 400 Watt at 8 Ohm
Frequency dividing network, free air cabled 1,4 kHz, 12 dB/octave
Low frequency adjustment range +/-3 dB continued
Medium/high adjustment range (2 + 8 kHz) +/-1,5 dB discrete
Polarity : Positive voltage on red terminal gives forward cone motion
Housing : Handmade from oiled plywood with Canadian maple veneer inside and outside
External dimensions (including spike) 396 x 396 x 1172 mm
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