Tonearm board for Thorens TD 124 and long tonearms.

Material  :  Billet BHI Panzerholz with neoprene suspensions
Finishing  :  Black 2-component lacquer coating
Weight  :  0.48kg
Origin  :  100% Swiss Made
Ready for replacement of the original tonearm board, no drilling needed (all screws and assembly tools are included)
This genuine board is actually available for effective tonearm lengths from 275 to 310 mm and a mounting hole dia. up to 31 mm. Following tonearms will fit without machining (#3.1 special Ortofon AS 309 available too, other types/sizes on demand):
      -   SME 3012 type
      -   Ikeda IT-407
      -   Fidelity Research FR-66, FR-64, FR-64S (not FR-66S)
      -   SAEC WE 308L, WE 506/30, WE 8000/ST
Our precision tonearm board gives better stiffness, dimensional stability and resonance damping compared to the original, or to the usual aluminium or birch plywood boards.
The gain in audible quality is much more important than our initial expectations, especially compared to the cost of this upgrade:
      -   Soundstage +++
      -   Sound image stability +
      -   Dynamic range +
      -   Bandwidth +++
      -   Rumble and groove noise   --
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